Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blast from the Past - Arafat is a Mass Murderer

Helping my mom clean out the attic, and I found an old composition book of mine. I would sit in front of the TV, watching CNN, and write what I thought, what I would answer the TV if it could hear me. Sometimes I'd write down a funny thing I'd heard. But usually, it was my reactions to world events. A paper blog actually. The beta version of my blog.

This is something I wrote in the summer of 1999. I was a young idiot and I didn't write the date, but I can tell it was around that time because of other things I wrote in the pages before and the pages after.

I think we should understand that Israel has to stop whatever peace process it is undertaking with the Palestinians. This is because Palestinians don't want a country with the 1967 frontiers, but a total extermination of Israel.
  1. Arafat hasn't changed the Palestinian Charter, pleading the destruction of Israel
  2. Arafat continues provoking terror and violence
  3. Arafat has tripled the size of his army, against all agreements
  4. Arafat has openly admitted that he will not stop armed combat
  5. Arafat sticks to his (impossible) demand for a Palestinian country whose capital is Jerusalem.
These points all lead to one and only conclusion: Arafat is a mass murderer who should sit behind bars and not receive a Nobel Peace Prize. The Oslo accords should be stopped right now, the Palestinian army disabled, and Israel should be given back its lost territories.

Hmmm, I have to say I was quite a smart kid. Some insight I had. Still more than most people have today.

It was so obvious to me back then, and it still is now. Why is it not obvious for everyone else?


Anonymous said...

I think an awful lot of people agree with you. Arafat was a real slime ball, and Jimmy Carter can laud him to the heavens but Arafat was a back stabbing murderer and Carter is a class A idiot. Always has been.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Nice composition