Friday, August 24, 2007

Politicians of Europe, listen to THIS guy

What do the politicians of Europe think when they hear this? Do they realize the truth in his words? The absurdity of even thinking about letting Sharia law enter a judgement?

He points out that many centuries ago, "Islam preserved ancient scientific knowledge..." which brings me to a point I'd like to address. I like very much the fact that he says "preserved" rather than "invented".

People often say of numbers (yes, those things like 1, 7 and 4) that they are Arabic numerals, and give the impression that numbers were invented by them and that without them we wouldn't have the wonderful world of maths.
The numbers are in fact Hindu numerals. When Europe came to know about them, it was through Arab and Persian mathematical works, so they called them Arabic numerals.

Didn't anyone else ever find it odd that even though "Arabs invented our numbering system", they themselves don't use it?


Mr Bagel said...

So Politically incorrect... so correct politically.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent. Where can I find more of this guy?