Sunday, May 27, 2007

First post

I know people can't always agree. I know most of the people around me don't agree with me. And this is a problem, because actually most of my best friends hate my political opinions. You see, I'm not a socialist, I'm not a leftist, I don't hate Bush, I have no sympathy for Islamists, I don't hate Sarkozy and I guess I am just generally considered as politically incorrect. I tire of arguing with my friends, especially since everything I say about the USA, Israel, the war on terror, Palestinians, the elections in France, Iran, the war in Iraq, 9-11, 7-7, the veil, anti-semitism etc, seems to them to be tainted because I happen to be Israeli.

Yes, I am Israeli. Oh yeah, and Jewish. And therefore people assume that my opinion on what happens in my country (though I haven't lived there since my teens) is biased. Never mind the fact that about 50% of Israelis don't agree with me either. My opinion is biased.

Though it's true, I love my country and no matter where I live in the world I will still consider it MY country, I am capable of criticizing her decisions and actions. I try to remain objective and try to think of things not in terms of "Israel and Palestine" or "Jews and Muslims" or "Jews and non-Jews", but rather people from category A and category B. Easier said than done, I know. But I try. Still, no matter how I turn things, most of the time there's an obvious double standard when it comes to judging Israel. I will talk more about that as this blog progresses (I hope).

Who I really am is not important, as this blog isn't about me. I love civilized discussions, so feel free to comment. But don't forget, this is still my world, and I get to write what I want. If you don't like it, make your own blog. A blog I read a lot is Meryl Yourish, and just like her blog, this is a No Israel-Bashing Zone. If you do not respect the rules of my world, your comments will not be tolerated. I could just quote what she says about it, but the basic idea is this: Whether you agree or not, Israel gets bashed quite a lot, too much. I will not create a platform for Israel to be bashed some more.

There, now that I've done my aggressive bit, I can say I've really written my first post.
I will post mostly in English, but since I am currently living in France, I will probably want to express myself about things happening here and to our neighbors in French. Though I am not very interested in my local politics, so those parts will be rather superficial. I might occasionally post in Hebrew, but this will be more nostalgia.

About nostalgia, I chose Moishe Oofnik to represent me because I feel this is how others see me. For those who aren't familiar with the stars of my childhood, Moishe is from Rehov Sumsum , which is the Israeli equivalent of Sesame Street, and Moishe is the Israeli Oscar the Grouch. When I talk politics with my friends, I feel they all see me as an extremist, though I just try to point out facts and reality and unfairnesses which I notice. So instead, I will vent here, or post things that I find are interesting and most people don't know.

One day I might look back on this post and think to myself that as far as first posts go, I really could have been wittier or at least more interesting. But for now, I guess it'll do.

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