Thursday, May 31, 2007

I heart Dan Gillerman

I fell in love with Dan Gillerman this summer during the second Lebanon war. He has a way with words at which I can just marvel. He makes his point in three swift sentences, whereas I take five paragraphs just to get an idea across, and I'm not very good at that either. I often wonder if people who are not so well aware of the whole situation can understand the sarcastic remarks he often makes. Very cynical this guy. My hero.

Anyway, there's a reason to my serenading Dan. You see today the UN Security Council issued a statement, calling for a ceasefire from the Palestinians. The odd thing is, there's nothing in that statement that blames Israel or that asks Israel for a ceasefire either. I'm not used to that. I need a chair.
They urged all parties to join the members of the Council in supporting the call of President Abbas for an immediate end to the violence.
Although you'll notice that it's not very clear which violence it is that needs to be ended, the internal violence between Hamas and Fatah, or the Kassam rockets.

In any case, Danny's reply rocks. It isn't as great as some of his replies this summer (I'll have to find my favorites again, and share them with my two and a half readers), but I still love his style. His discreet way of criticizing the UN while seemingly lauding them, ahhhh. Where's the popcorn?

(you'll need real player for this)

"Israel is very happy that the Security Council has finally decided to intervene and to call for the Palestinians to have an immediate cease fire."

"By that I believe they mean both the violence between the different factions and the violence towards Israel."

"Once that stops, there will be no Israeli reaction [...] It's as simple as that."

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