Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday Morning Road Rage

People who don't know the code de la route really annoy me...
I'm usually a very patient and calm person. Except for when I'm driving in the morning during rush hour. The French are bad drivers. In the hope that maybe one, just one, of the drivers who annoy me so much on the road might actually read this blog, I will have my regular Road Rage posts... (to vent, as usual)

< Moishe Oofnik Grouchy mode: ON >
If you are about to enter a roundabout, don't put your right blinker on. Don't put your left blinker on either. Actually don't put any blinker on. We know you're turning to get in. You haven't got a choice.
However, when you are about to exit the roundabout, put on your right blinker. And not half an hour before you leave the roundabout. Try to estimate the time and distance needed correctly. Can't be too hard.
< Moishe Oofnik Grouchy mode: OFF >

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