Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Israel's "Greatest Loser" finally wins

The results are out! The next Israeli president is Shimon Peres. The first round ended with 58 votes in favor of Peres, 37 in favor of Rivlin and 21 in favor of Colette. In order to be elected, the candidate needs at least 61 voices, so they were getting ready for a second round, but Rivlin and Colette pulled out before, so that leaves Peres as president by default. Finally. I know what I just said about him being a shtinker and still think that. But I am happy for him. He deserves such a Kavod after all this dedication he's given to Israel. מגיע לו.
If you think about it, it's perfect. He won't be directly involved in politics (which is the way I like it) but the dignified persona that he his is still a representative of the State of Israel, and I know he is much respected even among lefties here in Europe.
Yeah, I'm glad with the results. I know they were predictable, but still.
מזל טוב שמעון, מכל הלב - Mazal Tov Shimon, me-kol ha-lev

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