Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Olmert to release terrorists in order to appease the other terrorists

Ehud Olmert announced yesterday that he will release 250 Fatah terrorists, and make them sign a pledge that they will never ever again do terror.

Then he's going to make them write 500 times "Sitting in an Israeli jail is proof that Israel exists and I therefore recognize it" on a blackboard.

I mean, really, making them sign that thing? Will it change anything? Since when do terrorists care about not breaking promises to the infidel?

And they are Fatah terrorists. Gilad Shalit is being held by Hamas terrorists. There's an itty bitty civil war going on between them, maybe Hamas won't be too happy about Israel strengthening the "other side" (which is, I assume, one of the reasons that is actually pushing Olmert to do this).

It's not easy being Prime Minister, because statistically speaking, you're bound to make some bad decisions. But I know we ALL have a feeling that we could have somehow handled this better.

In honor of this feeling, I hereby present you with a childhood favorite of mine:
Adoni Rosh Ha-Ir - Mister Mayor.
Sung by Igal Bashan and written by Igal Bashan and Uzi Chitman (another Israeli musician gone too soon). It's a kiddie song asking the mayor to please step aside for one day, I'd like to try out the job, after all I love this city too. Cute way to start the day.

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Richard said...

Why does the Israeli leadership think that every time they give away land that peace will follow...has it yet?? Look at Gaza...I thought the land was given to Abraham, and by who?? G_d!! The Jews are the smartest people in the world...Help us G_d.