Monday, July 23, 2007

Kassam rocket reminder

In case some people forgot, 'Palestinian' terrorists made sure to remind us.

Their aim is to destroy Israel completely. Men, women and children. Equal opportunity killers.

Today one of the Kassams landed in a community south of Ashkelon. That's inside Israeli borders. They want the complete destruction of Israel.

This is also a reminder that if the count of victims is low (something that terrorist apologists often claim) it is only because of luck.

The Kassam rocket hit a house and a baby girl, her mother and her grandmother were rushed to the hospital. This walla article (in Hebrew) says that mere minutes before the Rocket smashed into their house, the baby was in her bed and her mother beside her. As the baby had started to cry, the mother took her to the living room. The Kassam rocket then flew through the house, throwing the baby's bed in the air, and hit the couch opposing the one the mother was sitting on. By crying, the baby had saved both herself and her mother.

And the world yawns.

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