Monday, July 23, 2007

Breaking news: Israel also responsible for 'Palestinian' soccer problems

In this walla article (in Hebrew) we read that 'Palestinians' have written a letter to various associations around the world in order to condemn and boycott Israel. Because somehow they seem to think that Israeli activities are harming 'Palestinian' soccer.

"Because of Israel there's not league in Palestine" so they say. 21 'Palestinian' soccer players can't enter the territories because of the closure in Rafiah (due to the raging Hamas-Fatah violence, lest you forget), and this is not because of defensive measures taken by Israel in order to protect her citizens from violence, no of course not. According to them, it can only be because of "Israel's racist and inhuman procedures".

If only they directed their fury at the right source for their misery.

It would make a whole lot more sense if they had said:
"Palestinian terrorism doesn't only kill and maim Israeli citizens, it also hurts 'Palestinian' soccer"

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