Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sderot is All of Us

A great show of solidarity for Sderot, the Israeli town constantly hit by Katyusha rockets.
The economy of Sderot has been hit quite hard, as no one dares to go outside.
Just like in the second Lebanon conflict, if there are few Israeli casualties it is thanks to Israeli precaution. Palestinians are still aiming for civilians.

Yesterday, a concert was held in support of Sderot and its residents, organized by Tea-Packs' front man, Kobi Oz. He gathered together many of Israel's top performers - for free - and made this concert happen.

For the last seven years, Sderot has been under constant attack by Kassam
rockets fired by terrorists in the Gaza Strip.
The concert's title, "Sderot is All of Us," is meant to convey the message that
the Kassam attacks are not a local problem but a national one - if Sderot is
attacked, Israel is attacked

This is an important message. If even in Israel we belittle the importance of these daily rocket attacks, why are we surprised that the UN doesn't give a hoot? And the MSM? If we don't make noise about this, no one will do it for us.

Recently, caravans of cars have been touring the streets of Tel Aviv on Fridays,
blaring their horns and displaying signs and banners reading "Sderot is here" and
"You might be next."
A group of students from Sapir College have also set up an exhibit of 50 exploded
Kassams on Rothschild Avenue, set up to look as if they had landed in the coastal
city. "We brought the rockets in untouched so that you really get the authentic
feeling," said organizer Lavie Vanunu. "We chose Rothschild because it's the
center of the center."
"We're not trying to criticize Tel Aviv residents, we just want them to remember
that Sderot is only 50 minutes away and that we're all in this together," he

Here's a little flash animation I found on cusbara.com, a cynical news report about the different Israeli reaction if the Kassam rockets would have been hitting Tel Aviv. This is not an especially recent video, cusbara.com has had it up for at least a month. (It's in hebrew).

And to add to the show of solidarity for Sderot, last week we had 200 cars arrive in Sderot for solidarity shopping
Residents of the Center and the North arrived in Sderot Friday in a convoy of
some 200 cars in a display of solidarity for residents of the rocket-devastated
town and to give the town a financial boost by doing their Shabbat shopping
From what I heard on the radio today, they are getting ready to do this again for this weekend.

Kol Hakavod.

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