Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Who Will Avenge Farfur?

Of course this wasn't the end of this Palestinian Child Abuse.
Hamas television to replace 'martyred' Mickey Mouse look-alike

A Hamas television station that last week killed off a Mickey Mouse
look-alike who urged children to fight against Israel will use other famous
characters to further their Islamist agenda, station officials said on

And what is this Islamist agenda? Repeat after me.
Total. Destruction. Of. Israel.

"Farfur was a story alive and he has turned into another story as a
[martyr]," Saeed said.

Just like in real life, martyrs are used to further ignite the spiteful, violent passions of the Palestinian mobs.
Mark my words, whatever new character they use will try to avenge Farfur's death in holy Jihad against the murderous, criminal Jews who killed the innocent Farfur just because he had a rusty old key.

But all this is not shocking to me. It's been years and years that we've complained that Palestinian youth is getting a violent, virulent education on television. Constantly bombarded with images of death and fabricated scenarios of Israelis destroying anything remotely Palestinian. The world is waking up only because this is Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse?

This is not new. This video right here is a compilation of things I've seen at least since 1999, some of them maybe even before.
This means that while I grew up watching fuzzy muppets singing the ABC (or rather, the Aleph-Beth), those kids grew up with visions of killing the nameless Israeli enemy. Today's generation grew up on those images. They are completely brainwashed. Will the little girl dressed in green singing about wearing a battledress ever be able to see me, an Israeli, as a human being? Now that she's a teenager, does she realize? Is it possible to ever change her mind now?

Is it possible for children who have been indoctrinated with this filth to ever lead normal lives?

"Children learn best from example; the trouble is they don't know a good example from a bad one."

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matthew archbold said...

this is a satiric tribute to farfur. thought you might be interested.