Friday, July 20, 2007

Why is it always Israel who has to do an act of goodwill towards the 'Palestinians' ?

Abbas: 'This is just the first group of prisoners to be freed'

What?? It was hard enough to find 250 prisoners with no blood on their hands.

Some prisoners knelt and kissed the ground as they arrived at the checkpoint and
boarded the buses. Leaning out of bus windows, some flashed V-for-victory signs and held up Palestinian flags and posters.

I think people don't realize this enough. When 'Palestinians' make a V sign with their fingers, it's NOT a sign of "peace, dude". It's a victory sign. So these newly released prisoners are flashing victory signs. Does this make anyone else feel uncomfortable? If freed terrorists claim victory, this is not a good sign.

The protesters voiced their opposition to the gesture and called for Jewish
prisoners to be released first, Israel Radio reported.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said the prisoner release was part of a package
of goodwill gestures that was to give new momentum to stalled peace efforts.

Why is it always Israel that has to do goodwill gestures? We're not the ones randomly firing homemade rockets into their civilian centers. We're not the ones who are holding captive one of their soldiers in a secret location, giving no one access to him, and giving him no access to anything. We're the ones who disengaged from Gaza. Wasn't that one big heck of a goodwill gesture?

I would think that what with the world always complaining that we're always abusing of our disproportionate force and that we must restrain ourselves, then just the fact that we didn't flatten Gaza completely should be considered a gesture of goodwill.

And where are our boys?

Bring our boys back home.


Anonymous said...

"Why is it always Israel that has to do goodwill gestures?" - you really have to ask?

Biana said...

Great work.