Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And now for the latest in absurd news...

Monday evening an Israeli was shot by Palestinian gunmen while driving his car. The Aksa Martyrs Brigade claimed responsibility and said that it's in protest against Annapolis.
Yeah, let's try and make peace with people who protest a peace conference by killing us. Hell, let's give them a country, an army and more funding!

And then there's this headline, which made me wonder if there's a hidden camera in my office...
Israel to free 441 Palestinian prisoners - In a bid to win Arab nations' support for a peace initiative, the prime minister also pledges to raze illegal West Bank outposts.

This is not even for lasting peace, this is to have support for a peace initiative.

What rational mind can't understand that it's insane to give our "peace partners" their terrorists back in order to achieve peace? Would you put a child rapist in charge of a kindergarten as part of his correctional treatment?

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