Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Alternative to 'Two-State Solution'

Just came across this article on Jpost.

Maj.-Gen. (res.) Giora Eiland, former head of the National Security Council, warned in a new report that the current formulation of the two-state solution is untenable.
[... ]
"It's a solution that not only can't be agreed on, but probably can't be implemented," he charged, referring to the challenges in evacuating and relocating so many Israeli settlers as well as the security environment, among other concerns.
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For starters, he suggested that Egypt give the Palestinians 600 square kilometers of land from the Sinai peninsula to double the size of the Gaza Strip, so that the cramped million-plus population will have room to spread out and develop.

In exchange, Egypt would be given a comparable sliver of land along the Negev border with Israel as well as a tunnel connecting Egypt and Jordan directly under Israel's southern tip.

He also proposed Jordanian security control for the West Bank, since a major obstacle for Israel has become the rise of Hamas and the concern that any Palestinian state in the West Bank would be taken over by the radical Islamic group.

This is a very good idea.

First of all because when "Palestinians" complain that they want to go back to pre-67 borders, they always fail to mention the fact that back then they were a part of Egypt and Jordan.

Second, we have seen time and again that the Palestinian Authority is virtually non-existent when it comes to actually being an authority in charge of its population. To have "real" countries in charge of them and their economy could make everything different. Though we know that the peace with Egypt and Jordan is mostly in theory (especially in Egypt), in extreme cases they'd still have to abide to their signed obligations. Imagine a world where "Palestinians" who commit crimes against Jews in Israel actually get jail time!

This will never be accepted by the Arab world though. Know why? After they've spent so many decades trying to convince the "Palestinians", successfully, of their right to self-determination in no country other than their own, with Jerusalem as its capital, why would any Arab country want them in their population? They've created a population of violent hell raisers, and they won't have anything to do with them.

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