Monday, December 5, 2011

Middle East: Theater of the Absurd

To celebrate my return on the grid (yes I know you've missed me during my well-deserved holiday), a wonderfully absurd headline:

Lebanon files UN complaint against Israel
Officials in Beirut say IDF artillery response to Katyusha rockets was a violation of UNSC Res. 1701 and of international law.
Because Katyusha rockets are the very opposite of a violation of international law, right?

They don't even deny that Katyusha rockets were launched, they're just getting pedantic with the actual amount of them.
The Lebanese report claimed that only one rocket was fired from Lebanon into Israel and that the IDF fired six artillery shells.
Yes, tit for tat, that's what they're trying to get the UN to believe.

The sad part is really the fact that Lebanon knew it could lodge such a craptastic complaint at the UN without getting laughed at. It really shows that the UN has become completely irrelevant.

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