Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Abbas congratulates Kuntar's family

Abbas congratulates Kuntar's family. Isn't it lovely that Abbas is the person we're counting on to make peace with? Excuse me while I retch...

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday sent his regards to the families of Lebanese terrorist Samir Kuntar and the other four Lebanese prisoners scheduled to be transferred to Hizbullah.

Abbas praised the prisoner swap and congratulated the Kuntar family.

Praised them for what? Raising such a good little murderer?

His whole village can't wait for him to get back

In Kuntar's home in Abey, streets were decorated with banners welcoming the return of the former member of the radical Palestine Liberation Front. "Samir Kuntar is the conscience of Lebanon, Palestine and the Arab nation. Abey welcomes the hero, prisoner Samir Kuntar," reads one sign.

Samir Kuntar is the conscience of Palestine. I have an idea, let's give them a country!

If someone in my village had murdered a little Palestinian or Lebanese four-year-old girl, I would never want them anywhere near me. I would hope my government puts this kind of murderer in jail, where such scum belong.

Meanwhile, while they are all celebrating for their precious child killer, in Israel the Goldwasser and Regev families are mourning. Until the last minute they had still hoped.

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