Thursday, July 17, 2008

Samir Kuntar - Is that your hero?

I had never seen images from the Haran family appartment after the attack. Makes me shudder.

It is time to realize, the enemy is not like us.

I'm proud to belong to those who love, not those who hate.

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urbanadder22 said...

As long as you love everyone--Samir Kuntar and the entire mass of Islamic murderes, would-be murderers, and want-to-be murderers--you cannot do what has to be done.

When Jews are hated and murdered with impunity and respond with love, are they acting as Jews?

Ben Hecht said:

“What we dream of is—Jews strong enough and honest enough to hate their killers …”

Yashiko Sagamori (Jewish despite the nome de plume), says it:

“Those who were first to accuse Jews of killing Jesus, knew they were lying. Those who accused us of killing Gentile children and using their blood to make matzos, knew that was not true. The authors of the Protocols knew their creation to be libelous from its very first word to the very last one. The authors of the Iranian TV series about Jews stealing Arab children's organs know Jews don't do that. Those who compare Jenin to Auschwitz, know the difference between the two.

Why do they do it? Why do they keep regurgitating old lies against us and inventing new ones?”

A child would answer,

“Because they hate us.”

“But what do they really hate us for if we are not guilty of anything they accuse us of? And why do we never hate our haters back?”